Consistent process heat

Infrared Technology


Infrared Technology

Consistent process heat

The powerful Krelus infrared heaters from Leister are ideally suited for customer-specific infrared solutions in various industrial applications. Whenever high radiation intensity, easy controllability, short reaction times, and tailor-made solutions with optimum economic efficiency are required, Krelus infrared solutions from Leister are in demand and have proven themselves worldwide.

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Countless Automotive Applications
Auto industry

In the automotive industry, infrared radiation is required in manufacturing and processing operations for plastic and composite parts. Lightweight materials, especially composites, require new and efficient production methods. Leister’s KRELUS infrared heaters excel in this area, as well as many others. The precise heating of so-called organo-sheets, e.g. in the hybrid injection molding process, is one of many applications where the fast response of the infrared emitters and precise temperature control are required. Laminating, thermoforming and riveting interior and trim parts are among the other applications of the powerful KRELUS infrared heaters in the automotive sector.

Present everywhere
Construction systems

KRELUS infrared heaters from Leister can be used to produce a variety of materials for almost any industry. The range of applications includes foil production, resilient flooring, wallpaper and even kitchen counter tops. Infrared heat is part of many manufacturing processes in interior design since the materials required for this purpose have to be laminated and glued, embossed or deep-drawn.

Soar high with ease

The progress in the design and manufacturing of composite materials is enormous. Aircraft construction is also benefiting from this. Not only are composites being developed continuously, lightweight components made of composite materials are also replacing metal parts in aircraft construction at a rapid pace, thus reducing the overall weight of aircraft. This results in a reduction in fuel consumption and thus, COemissions as well. Even materials that are processed at high temperatures can be heated precisely and homogeneously with KRELUS infrared heaters from Leister.

From skis to handbags
Producing goods

KRELUS infrared heaters from Leister are required when producing various consumer goods, like sporting equipment for example. Infrared heat is used to emboss football leather, as well as laminating high-tech materials for skis, among other things. It is also used to process artificial leather for ladies' handbags. Thus, infrared radiation is an important component in production processes. 

Protected thanks to infrared
Medicine and pharma

KRELUS infrared heaters from Leister are used to produce medical equipment. For example, in the manufacturing process of respiratory masks, in which nonwoven mats are formed by deep drawing. In this application, Leister infrared technology helps protect both medical personnel and private individuals. Infrared heat is used e.g. on respiratory masks worldwide to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, as well as other pandemics and epidemics.