Proven on all roofs



Flat roof and pitched roof

Proven on all roofs

Weld flat roofs and waterproof membranes made of thermoplastics (PVC, TPO) and bitumen. Leister has various automatic welding machines for different needs when welding roofing membranes: The VARIMAT is especially suitable for welding large roofs, flat roofs on industrial buildings and factories. The UNIROOF it suitable for medium-sized roofs.

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Flat roof
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Roofs that have a slope less than 10 degrees are considered flat roofs. Most industrial roofs and some residential roofs are considered flat roofs: From warehouses and shopping malls to apartment buildings and bungalows. For flat roof waterproofing, plastic membranes made of TPO and PVC, or bitumen membranes, are laid overlapping and then tightly welded. Leister automatic welding machines like VARIMAT and heat guns like TRIAC are popular around the world due to their innovative welding technologies, reliability and safety when installing flat roofs. 

Flat or pitched roofs
Construction systems

Regardless of whether it is a flat or pitched roof, Leister is present on all roofs. Leister’s automatic welders and heat guns are used worldwide to weld roofing membranes. For example, welding sub-roofing membranes on site or in advance at a factory, while staying compliant with the law. Additionally, roofers weld with Leister automatic welders for large, industrial, flat roofs, e. g. the VARIMAT, particularly efficient for waterproofing large membranes on the roof.