Welding instead of stitching

Technical Textiles

Technical textiles

Welding instead of stitching

With Leister heat guns and welding machines, posters, tents, covers, tarpaulins, sun protection and many other products made of thermoplastic coated fabrics can be processed and welded. With all these products, the edges of the panels are joined or hemmed together.

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In use everywhere
Construction systems

Whether it's a party tent, decontamination tent or inflatable aircraft hangar, Leister welding machines are always the right choice. Designs made of PVC, PE, TPO or PU are popular and diverse. Hem and piping with Leister welding machines ensures optimal durability to withstand strong wind, rain, snow and sun. Whether it’s a party tent, decontamination tent or inflatable aircraft hangar, - Leister welding machines are always the right choice.

Ventilation safely

Ventilation hoses are used around the world for various applications in tunnel construction, mines and anywhere else that require fresh air. The required seam strength is guaranteed when welding with Leister's automatic welding machines. The welding process is digitally controlled, ensuring optimum accuracy and consistency in every application.

Safe at work

Employees In the chemical industry must wear protective suits to prevent exposure of any hazardous substances. Depending on the application, the fabrics for the protective suits are coated with polyethylene or PVC to protect the user from any chemical exposure. This ranges from simple splash water protection to protection against contact with pesticides, acids or alkalis. The tightly welded protective clothing must also withstand heavy mechanical stress. With Leister automatic welders, the seams of the protective suits are tightly welded. Apart from use in the chemical industry, such protective suits are also used in the construction industry or in the medical field.

Easy and safe storage
Energy and environment

Flexible textile tanks made of thermoplastic-coated materials are used to store drinking, rain and wastewater, chemicals and gases. Compared to steel tanks, they are relatively light, portable, easy to store and require little effort to install. Due to their properties, they are often used in technical, sanitation, military or organizational scenarios in remote areas, on construction sites, ports and other environments.

Retail and wholesale

From pool and boat covers to excavator covers and barbecue grill covers, most are comprised of plastic material (PE or PVC). Plastic covers protect against dirt, while extending the life of the covered items. Additionally, they preserve water and reduce maintenance for pools, as an example. With the help of Leister and Weldy welding machines, pool covers can be pre-assembled or welded on site.

Plant protection

Technical textiles are used in many agricultural settings. Greenhouses are another application that utilize the technical textiles to protect various plants from external factors. They can be welded on site with the help of Leister and Weldy welding machines.

Emergency structures
Aerospace safety

The innovative, aerospace industry is growing fast and puts safety as one of its main focuses. This requires rescue slides for aircrafts to have tightly welded seams to keep them inflatable and increase their lifespan. Since seams connected with adhesives are less flexible and become porous very quickly, they often need to be replaced more frequently. 

Emergency protection
Medical field and pharmaceuticals

From protective clothing like facemasks to inflatable field hospitals, decontamination pools and water rescue equipment, vinyl sheets made from synthetic fibers have to protect people. Seam density and safety are essential for protective clothing and rescue systems in the entire medical field and pharmaceutical sector. Both fields have their own specific requirements and regulations. Leister welding machines ensure high-quality, leak-proof welding seams.

Custom-fit covers
Boat building

Boat covers are relied as protection against the weather, water and any dirt that can negatively affect the boat's surface. In addition to the full cover, there are also tailor-made covers for the outboard engine and steering position. The protective covers, which are usually welded to size, are durable and take up little space when not in use.

Waterproof seams
Textiles and clothing

Whether it's a backpack, bag, outdoor fishing and hunting apparel, diving suit or other kind of textile/apparel, all can be welded tightly with Leister welding machines. Having both an impenetrable seam and an aesthetically appealing appearance are two important qualities when welding textiles. Whenever a seam needs to be sealed with tape or two thermoplastics need to be welded directly together, Leister has the right plastic welding machines.

Cargo safely transported

Truck tarpaulins must be welded in a durable and secure manner, to ensure a long lifespan and safe storage of the goods to be transported. In addition to a long lifespan, anti-theft protection is also important. Leister offers the right plastic welding devices to secure goods, as well as for the production and repair of truck tarpaulins. Common application areas include covers for cargo, machines and vehicles as weatherproof, durable and lightweight protection.

Big displays

Large banners, tarpaulins and inflatable objects can be used everywhere. Additionally, they are easy to transport and affordable to produce. Beside overlapping stitching, piping and hemmed seams, precise welding is essential for exact overlapping. With the appropriate welding machines, heat guns and the correct nozzles, Leister offers a complete range of tools equipped with a long service life and little maintenance.