Plenty of room to design



Floor and interior decoration

Plenty of room to design

Whether in public spaces or private residencies: Vinyl-PVC-P, PE, and linoleum floor coverings are practical and are installed everywhere. The elastic floor coverings are available in different finishes and with numerous designs. In addition, they are durable and extremely easy to clean. With Leister equipment, joining the floor coverings together is clean and simple.

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Leister products convince
Floor coverings

Flexible floor coverings for homes and rental apartments are in high-demand thanks to the huge selection of different colors and designs. Advantages like durability and sound absorption also make them appealing to install in public facilities that are used frequently like schools, hospitals and offices. In addition, resilient floor coverings made of plastic or natural materials, like linoleum and rubber, score points for their fire protection properties, as well as their ability to be easily cleaned and maintained. Leister offers suitable automatic welding machines, heat guns and accessories to install floors safely and in accordance with the required standards.

Protects against electric discharge

Electrostatic charging occurs when materials rub together. By laying antistatic floor coverings, technical malfunctions can be avoided. This is why antistatic floor coverings are particularly important in IT maintenance departments or in production facilities for electronic parts. Flooring made of linoleum, which is naturally antistatic, or PVC flooring, which becomes antistatic when carbon is added, is suitable for laying in such premises. Leister offers a complete range of products for the professional installation of antistatic floors.

Robust and unique
Wholesale and retail

Flexible floor coverings made from linoleum or PVC are installed in various shopping centers and retail stores. They are robust, versatile and precisely adapted to the interior architecture and the design of the company brand. There is also the added benefit of a continuously sealed surface. These allow the non-slip, elastic floors to be easily maintained and meet high hygienic standards. Plastic welding devices, machines and heat guns by Leister are ideal for welding various surfaces.

Air Transportation

Similar to public transport on the ground, floor coverings must also be laid in airplanes, which are durable against abrasion and have a long service life. Suitable, flexible floors are available in countless color variations and designs. Thus, there is maximum freedom in implementing different corporate design specifications for various airlines. This applies both to the Business Lounge at the airport and directly on the plane.

Leak-tight and clinically clean
Medical field and pharmaceuticals

Resilient floor coverings have been used for years in healthcare facilities, as well as in medical research buildings and the pharmaceutical industry. Due to strict hygiene regulations, the requirements for floor coverings are particularly high here. Various standards and provisions must be complied with, chemical resistance guaranteed, and cleaning and care must be easy. In order to meet these requirements, the linoleum and PVC floors must be grouted tightly, as this is the only way to ensure that they do not provide a haven for bacteria and germs. In addition, the floors in medical facilities should at best be antistatic, so that technical faults do not occur.

Non-slip and safe
Public transport

Installing flooring in trains and buses is a challenge. They must withstand the daily strain of hundreds of passengers, meet specified standards and be easy to clean. With Leister automatic welding machines, floor installers lay the floor precisely and tightly, even in confined spaces. When it comes to tricky detail work, the handy and lightweight Leister heat guns are the ideal solution. Durability of the floor is thus guaranteed.