Quality has priority

GEO Civil Engineering

Geo and civil engineering

Quality has priority

In civil engineering, e.g. in tunnel and landfill construction, the quality of the welded seam is top priority since leaks can have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is essential for the quality of workmanship to meet the highest standards. This is not only the responsibility of the material and those who process it. The quality of the weld depends on the welding equipment used.

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Fish breeding ponds are usually sealed with plastic. Tightly welded geomembranes have a major influence on the water quality. Excellent water quality is crucial for the health of the fish and thus also for the yield from the respective fish farm. With Leister welding equipment and the appropriate material, tailor-made and securely welded fish breeding ponds are created.

No project is too big
Construction systems

From the Gotthard Base Tunnel to an artificial beach, various, large construction projects are completed with Leister welding machines. Infrastructure for individual or public transport such as tunnel construction require tightly welded geomembranes to ensure that water cannot penetrate the area of use. Thanks to the plastic material used in aquatic parks, water does not seep into the ground. In order to guarantee complete safety, reliable equipment is required to ensure perfect welding can be carried out, especially in large projects.

Preventing Contamination

In mines, the material loosened mechanically, or by blasting, is washed out in collecting basins (heap leaching pads). The sealing system prevents valuable minerals or metals dissolved in the water from escaping into the groundwater or polluted water from contaminating the soil.

Large amounts of water
Energy and environment

Reservoirs, dams and waterways are usually sealed watertight with thick geomembranes made of HDPE. This ensures that the valuable liquid does not leak into the subsoil.

Protect the environment
Recycling and disposal

When it comes to landfill engineering, the sealing system is the heart of the installation. Its reliability is crucial to ensuring sustained safety. HD-PE, PP, PVC or TPO is generally used as the bottom geomembrane and can be up to 3 mm thick. The top geomembrane generally consists of a thinner material.
With its heating wedge and combi-wedge machines, Leister offers the suitable welding machines for the implementation of such civil engineering projects.