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General solutions

Infinite possibilities

Leister's practical and reliable heat guns are used daily around the globe in various industries and trades and at home for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Whether it’s in an industrial production line, a large construction site, a workshop, at home or in a garden. Leister’s full line of heat guns provides professionals from all over the world with the right tools and accessories.

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Auto Industry

Heat guns are used to pack new cars and protect them from damage during transportation. Protective plastic covers (car wraps/film) are applied and shrunk to fit the body of the vehicle. Additionally, the SOLANO AT and the protective nozzle are used to shape and smooth sensitive leather and imitation leather covers on car seats. In order to pack new cars and protect them from damage while being transported, the practical hot air blower is used to weld protective plastic covers and apply shrink films to the car body. Even minor damage to plastic parts can be easily repaired or mended with a heat gun.

Ready to use anywhere
Countless applications

Leister heat guns are in high demand across a variety of applications and industries, ranging from civil engineering to flooring installations. They are practical, robust, reliable and so versatile that they find their application on job sites of all kinds. Heat guns are suitable for processing materials that are easier to shape or securely join together by heating with hot air. For example, plastic pipes, foils and films, roofing membranes, floors made of elastic material, geomembranes and connections on large construction sites.

Always ready to use

Leister heat guns are a must-have when working with membranes in mines and civil engineering projects. The handy heat guns are mainly used for detail and repair work. Thanks to their brushless motors, Leister heat guns are particularly low-maintenance, durable and reliable. In addition, they are designed for continuous operation and their light weight enables users to operate them for extended periods of time without getting fatigued.

Recycling components

Precious metals and other electronic components from computers and mobile phones can be repaired or desoldered and recycled with hot air. In addition, the repair and refurbishing of electronic components contributes to the protection of the environment and conserves natural resources. Small businesses and computer/mobile phone repair services around the world rely on hot air to complete their work.

Always ready for use

Heat guns are welcome on farms. With the versatile Leister heat guns, plastic parts can be formed and repaired, while plastic membranes and films for greenhouses can be welded. Even gutters and roof connections made of copper, zinc and chrome steel are soldered with the TRIAC AT heat gun and the soldering iron kit developed for it. This allows emission-free soldering without an open flame and gas, which is more environmentally friendly and safer.

Perfectly equipped
Air Transportation

Airplane seats made of leather or imitation leather are formed to their required shape using heat guns. Leister heat guns are also relied on when installing flexible floor coverings on airplanes. In addition, the powerful heat guns are suitable for joining banners together for outdoor advertising. The range of applications extends from applying plastic films (wraps) printed with brand names and logos on an airplane to wrapping the entire plan for special events or advertising.

Perfectly adapted
Medical field and pharmaceutical industries

In orthopaedics, prefabricated prostheses and orthoses must be adapted to the different needs of the patient before they are worn. With hot air, the corresponding plastic parts can be softened, bent into shape and individually adapted. The plastic material retains its new shape after cooling.

On the dock or in the boat
Boat building

A heat gun helps with various boat-related applications, whether its a repair or new construction. When restoring boats with epoxy resin, for example, a heat gun is used to process the resin. Thanks to the hot air, air bubbles are eliminated. Leister heat guns cover a variety of applications thanks to their versatility: Repairing tarpaulins these are waterproof covers and protective covers made of plastic ballast water tanks, shrinking boat and electronic cables, much more.

Packaged well
Transportation and logistics

Shrink film is used when packaging, preparing and transporting various items in large containers. Leister heat guns are used tirelessly to prepare pallets with various goods, such as new cars being transported, for example. Leister offers the right selection of heat guns and accessories to make the job easy and fatigue-free for logistics employees.